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Do You Have Employees Retiring Soon?

Our Clients Explore Medicare Options through Extend Health ... for FREE!

As a value-added service through The McCart Group’s partnership with Extend Health, the country’s largest private Medicare exchange, our clients' employees can call a designated toll-free number to speak to a licensed benefit advisor about Medicare options when an employee or their loved one is nearing retirement. 

If they prefer to explore options online, they can access a McCart-Extend Health website with powerful and easy-to-use tools to help employees understand and evaluate the plans that are available to them. 

A benefit advisor is available to help or the employee can obtain quotes on their own.  Both telephonic advisory services and online services are provided at no cost!

Extend Health provides our clients with access to a state-of-the-art Medicare marketplace that includes plans from more than 75 of the nation’s leading health insurers.  This exchange provides side-by-side benefit comparisons, estimates out-of-pocket expenses, and provides online quoting, allowing you to choose a great Medicare plan for you, based on your preferences and medical utilization patterns. 

Extend Health evaluates all plans for value, quality, and customer service and the Extend Health benefit advisors are objective advocates for you.  They have no incentive to sell a plan from one carrier over another.  They are simply there to help people through the process of determining which of the available Medicare plans is best suited for them.

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