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Healthcare Cost Comparison

Consumer tools are a click away …

Several internet sites now let consumers around the United States search for healthcare pricing specific to their area.

  • is a website that allows consumers to search for quality healthcare providers in the area and compare their prices for specific procedures. Healthcare providers post their fees, including reductions for payment with cash or credit card. This site is designed to make healthcare affordable for people seeking elective procedures or who have high deductibles or no insurance.

  • offers a suggested “fair” price for a service. The information comes from a database of rates paid by private insurers.

  • gives estimates of how much individual providers are paid by insurers.

  • gives providers’ list prices, culled from Medicare information.

For more reference information regarding healthcare cost comparison, check your state health department website and your state hospital association website, since the scope of information offered to consumers varies greatly.
It is also a good idea to check your health plan’s website.

Georgia Department of Community Health

Georgia Hospital Association - Partnership for Health & Accountability consumer quality & pricing guides

This list is provided for reference purposes only. The McCart Group does not sponsor or endorse any of the above information providers or the information provided on their websites. McCart does not accept liability for any inaccuracies of the information provided on these consumer sites.


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